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Sozo Wellness Group is a Medical Services Organization (MSO) that specializes in alternative therapies to benefit individuals, families, as well as healthcare providers.


The vast network of physicians apply a patient-based approach to achieve optimum health outcomes. The platform is divided between chronic pain, sleep, and behavioral health conditions, offering patient-centric solutions tailored to each patient's individual health blueprint and journey. A secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform provides efficient diagnosis, treatment, and communications between healthcare providers and patients. 

Sozo Wellness Group is changing the game on how we approach the total wellness of athletes, from youth to pro. Mental performance

and optimum physical ability are both vital to the success of the athlete, both on and off the court, field, or track. We've developed a comprehensive approach to providing PGX tests which incorporate mental and physical performance diagnostics. Once the results are determined by a licensed physician, the doctor will share the results with the athlete and parents (if athlete is a minor). With this total health roadmap, we can insure the athlete is on the right course for overall success. This proprietary program is available for individuals and teams.

Sozo Wellness Group engages, educates and supports customers in the continuum for their therapeutic needs by intertwining their personal health and PGX assessments (Pharmacogenetic tests), enhanced-accessibility to clinicians (telemedicine) and cannabinoid product options. PGX tests are utilized to understand a person's risk level of an adverse response or likelihood to respond to natural wellness supplements, Ibuprofen, cannabinoids or other over-the-counter products. This test determines the best cannabis and non-cannabis products to use based on a person's genetic make-up and how a specific drug or supplement can metabolize in the body. Our doctors will provide patients with their history and which products are best.

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